Negotiations Software

PFR has developed certified and classified negotiations software that can assist your district through the process.  Prepare scenarios in advance or model “on-the-fly,” and be able to compare up to five different changes to each other, what was being modeled in the forecast, and the bottom-line impact.

Software Highlights:

  • Dashboard:
    • Allows the user to freeze the same projected salary changes that are being modeled in their Five-Year Forecast which can be compared to changes made during negotiations.
    • Calculates the impact of Board paid retirement and Medicare.
    • Choose to model projections using the percent the Forecast Fund(s) are of an average year or individually by each staff person. Modeling individually also provides the total for any other fund which can provide projected salary for grant funds.
    • Make changes “On-the-Fly” as you are negotiating.
    • Includes graphs of staff by degree (certified only) and by step.
    • Has space to enter non-salary schedule money changes such as insurance, supplemental contracts, incentives, etc.…
  • Comparison:
    • Allows user to “freeze” up to five different changes. Allowing your team to compare the cost of each one to each other, and what was modeled in your Forecast.
    • Schedules:
    • Use up to three difference salary schedules. If you currently only have one, model “What-If’s” with the other two.
    • Years:
    • See the immediate past FY, Current FY, and the next Four FY’s at a glance.
    • Salary/Rate by Staff:
    • Be able to print a complete bargaining unit list by each staff person showing their current salary/rate and each year being bargained.


Hi Debra,
I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the negotiations software.  Having the abilitity to instantly show the impact on the forecast of proposed changes to salary and insurance was a tremendous help.  The negotiating team for the teachers were finally able to understand the impact of their proposals plus, I believe it improved the relationship between the union and administration by showing we are willing to be transparant.
-Lori Statler, CFO/Treasurer
Claymont City School District

Pricing below is the mid-year, introductory pricing for the annual licensing of the software, FY17 support, and the 1-day training session.

              *pricing will use formula ADM from June #2 FY 2016 SFPR

              *current forecast software users only

  • < 1,000 Formula ADM [$1,295Base]
  • 1,000 – 3,000 Formula ADM [$1,295, +$0.20 per ADM over 1,000]
  • 3,000 – 10,000 Formula ADM [$1,295, +$0.20 per ADM over 1,000]
  • > 10,000 Formula ADM [call for pricing]

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February 21, 2018 – META Solutions Columbus
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