More than a piece of paper. Public Finance Resources offers five-year forecast software to school districts, counties and other public entities throughout the state of Ohio. This financial tool is a comprehensive forecasting model to be used for strategic, long-range financial planning, and not just to meet a state requirement.

Cash Flow Monitoring

  • Use monthly cash flow monitoring to keep track of trends
  • Continually test and analyze your forecast assumptions
  • Proactivity update forecasted revenues and expenditures, versus reacting to history

Modeling Scenarios

  • Model local and state revenue changes easily and quickly
  • Know the impact of base data changes to your forecast assumptions; including staffing, enrollment, population, valuations, and tax base
  • Use budget modeling to efficiently manage multiple “what-if” scenarios

Graphics and Dashboards

  • Know the relevance of each forecast line item
  • Easily view historical and projected trends
  • Visually message information to key stakeholders with clear and concise graphics

Planning Tool

  • Manage multiple revenue strategies, including levies or sales tax changes
  • Build stakeholder confidence in the financials, and the base data driving them
  • Determine the long-term sustainability of decisions currently being made

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Check out what our clients are saying about what PFR has to offer:

Knox County Auditor Forecast Article (Mt Vernon News)

Public Finance Resources (PFR) are more than just developers of a great forecasting tool!  PFR has developed awesome software to assist in developing five year forecasts, but they also provide ongoing professional development via webinars and seminars.  In addition, they regularly send out pertinent and timely information via email blasts – especially in regards to legislative changes and how it may/will affect your District.   Debra, Stacy, Ernie, Matt, Mike and Ryan truly want you to understand WHAT your data means so you can make informed financial decisions as well as effectively communicate your financial picture to your shareholders.   School funding is complex and ever changing.  With over 100 years of combined experience, PFR is my financial sounding board and I trust their opinions when it comes to making significant financial decisions for my District.

Julie Taylor, CFO/Treasurer
Lancaster City Schools

I am the CFO/Treasurer for the Talawanda City School district. I have been a client of PFR for several years.  I attend PFR conferences, workshops and webinars throughout the year and I can say without hesitation that they are highly beneficial for me.  Their seminars and frequent client updates are extremely “hands on” and completely relevant for a public school CFO.  You work with your own set of financials and return to the office with a substantially complete Five Year Forecast.

I always look forward to attending PFR seminars because they are truly experts in public school funding and their professionalism is superb!   The PFR professionals are extremely helpful during their seminars and that service level continues after the meeting. The PFR team is easily accessible by email or phone and providing prompt answers to any questions.  If I could attend only one seminar in each year it would be a PFR seminar.

Mike Davis, CPA, CFO/Treasurer
Talawanda City Schools

The PFR software is an excellent tool to ensure the accuracy of my five-year forecast and also helps explain the many complicated school funding calculations to my Board, staff, and community.

Ben Streby, CFO/Treasurer
C-TEC Career & Technology Education Centers

I have worked with PFR for at least 7 years and this product continues to improve every year!  The level of detail involved in using this forecasting tool allows me to be much more accurate in projecting revenues and expenses.  The graphs and charts available in the spreadsheets are very beneficial in Board meetings and administrative meetings.  Most importantly, the professionals running PFR are truly experts in the field of school finance and I am more confident in my forecast knowing that I can turn to them for support.

 Laura Sauber, CFO/Treasurer
Sylvania Schools

The 5 year is involved, intuitive and well worth the effort! This software has proven to be an invaluable resource for me and my district as we continue to work through fluctuations in valuation with our power plant and budget constraints. The 1 hour webinars are a great additional resource, at pertinent times in the year, to revisit key areas of your forecast without having to travel!

Autumn Streng, CFO/Treasurer
Avon Lake City Schools

PFR does more than just provide a forecasting tool. The entire PFR team is committed to helping you understand the concepts behind the numbers. PFR staff have a high level of knowledge and real world experience in school finance and financial forecasting. They understand the challenges facing school district treasurers in the development of their (the District’s) financial message.  I have benefited both professionally and personally from my experiences with PFR. I would highly recommend PFR to school district treasurers in any stage of their career. PFR provides value to the District’s and Treasurer’s it works with.

Kent Zeman, CFO/Treasurer
Lakewood City Schools

I have been a client and have attended PFR’s seminars for over 15 years. Their expertise and depth of knowledge is worth its weight in gold. The software and information I receive, as well as the constant improvement of the product they produce, is second to none. I also appreciate the fact that whenever I have questions they are always there to lend a hand.

Karen Royer, CFO/Treasurer
Warren County Career Center

I have been a client of PFR for nearly a decade and deeply value the service and relationship with the PRF team. The forecast tools provided make the process of developing and maintaining my forecast efficient and effective with my Board of Education and community. The training and instruction provided at the seminars is an essential part of my professional development plan and the webinars provide timely reinforcement from the convenience of my office. With over 27 years of experience as a school business official, I recommend PFR as a resource to every new treasurer or superintendent that I come into contact. PFR is a valued member of my District’s finance team.

Cary Furniss, CFO/Treasurer
Reading City Schools

Public Finance Resources has been a great source of information for planning and forecasting for my school district. The team’s expertise is second to none and can relate to the issues found in rural school districts. Their forecasting software is user friendly and is continually updated with the latest information coming from Columbus. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any public government entity for financial planning.

Roy Johnson, CFO/Treasurer
Southern Local Schools

Over the years, I have been the Treasurer for Ohio Schools ranging from small rural, large urban and large suburban. I have used PFR’s five year forecasting tool throughout all of those schools.  Regardless of a school’s size and demographics, this program is a MUST in my opinion. Sure, we may be an “Excel” expert, and could create our own templates for forecast purposes. However, I guarantee that by using this software tool you will be knowledgeable about your District’s financial future than ever before.

This tool also provides you with the professional dialogue and support you might need when taking various financial items into consideration and how they might impact your financial situation moving forward. In my opinion, the five year forecast is one of the most important items a Treasurer is responsible for. Why be on an island by yourself when trying to prepare it? Not me.

Tim Pickana, CFO/Treasurer
Solon City Schools

I have been using PFR five year forecast software since 2010 when I first became a Treasurer. Not only is the software helpful and easy to navigate, but it is constantly updated for any changes in the school finance world. In addition, the staff at PFR is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions whether it is at one of their informative seminars or just some random day. I would strongly recommend the use of PFR software to any school treasurer that is not currently using it.

Matt Reed, CFO/Treasurer
Marietta City Schools

I been working with the team at PFRCFO for more than 9 years. During that time I’ve seen the product evolve effortlessly even in light of 3 different funding models! It gets better with each revision.

The forecasting model lets me focus my time in district on analyzing trends and assists in communicating them. The newest software is packed full of charts and analytical tools that we use for finance committees and community use. This truly is a real-time financial model that works well with any size district.

Ryan Pendleton, CFO/Treasurer
Akron City Schools

I have worked with the folks at Public Finance Resources for almost twenty years now. The importance of having qualified and reliable service is very important especially now that the role of a Treasurer/CFO has changed dramatically over this time period. Public Finance Resources is every bit of this and more.

I have enjoyed over the years working with Ernie and his team not only because of their vast knowledge and keeping up with the times in the school finance arena, but also the tremendous spreadsheet tools that are offered and maintained by their company. Their hands on training seminars and webinars are always very educational and all the information they assist with and provide is related to my role as treasurer.

They have always been there when I have needed their expertise. I would recommend them to anyone needing this type of service.

Brenda Hill, CFO/Treasurer
Jackson City Schools

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